marti (emorocks4reel) wrote,

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omg I lyke totally have a crush!

My mom totally sent me to the mental hospital and it was so emo! There was this one insane girl that told me that she cut some guys head off and stuck it in the microwave! SHE TRIED TO EAT MY ARM!!!! Everyone made fun of me because I'm afraid of bandaids, stickers, and tape. A girl make me a tshirt out of bandaids, and put it on me while I was sleeping. When I woke up, and saw it ontop of me, I had a nervous breakdown and had a seizure!!!!1123
sooooo emoXcore!

but anywayz, this is my new crush

I can't tell if it's a boi or a gurl, but it's liek totally teh seX0rz!!!!!

i <3 him/hur!!!!!213320958djf

mommy says I'm ghey.. is it wrong to be ghey?
gayyyyyy emo tearz
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